SlutWalk Winnipeg 2012 Event Schedule Release

The 1.5 km walk will begin at noon on Saturday, September 15th at the Law Courts, 408 York Avenue, and will end at the Legislative Buildings, 450 Broadway. Once at the Legistlative, several groups and individuals will speak on topics surrounding sexual assault and victim blaming.

SlutWalk Winnipeg organizers Samantha Harris and Sherrie-Lee Chiarot will be speaking and additional presenters include: Jenna Nelson, Dawn Simmons, Ray Eskritt, as well as figures such as Winnipeg novelist and poet Chandra Mayor, Alliance Against Modern Slavery Executive Team Member Kaylee Esperanza, Kate Winiarz from CherryStems and Lisa Parker from the Women’s Memorial March of Manitoba.

More details will be announced on the website and Facebook page regarding events following the walk, such as a self-defense and counter violence workshop offered by with participant donations being presented in support of Osborne House.

The organizers of the Winnipeg SlutWalk are focused on demonstrating the multiplicity of experiences and communities that this movement galvanizes – emphasizing the fact there is no such thing as an “illegitimate” rape victim, all victims are real, and each deserves justice regardless of any choices they’ve made or lifestyle they lead.

SlutWalk Movement Background:
Last year’s protest march inspired by comments made by Toronto Police officer Michael Sanguinetti has gone global. Since the first SlutWalk in Toronto on April 3, 2011 the message has spread to include walks all around the world and the numbers continue to grow. A mere month after the comments by Constable Sanguinetti, Winnipeg’s own Queen’s Bench Justice Robert Dewar’s comments in a rape case over which he presided sparked a protest rally outside the Manitoba Law Courts building, with a group of about 100 people gathering to demand Dewar’s resignation. “Sex was in the air,” he said, noting the victim was wearing a tube top and no bra, high heels and plenty of makeup.

SlutWalk Winnipeg organizers encourage everyone to “like” the Facebook page, join the ongoing discussions, spread the word, and ultimately participate in the walk itself. More information on event activities, speakers and further scheduling details will be updated on the Facebook page as they are confirmed. For any questions, or if you would like to volunteer, contact:

“SlutWalk: I am not the label you place on me.”

Facebook page:
SlutWalk Website:

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