My SlutWalk: Sam

                Nine years ago it stopped. One year ago I took my voice and power back. It all began at the age of four. My stepfather stole my innocence. Along with that, he stole my: trust, dignity, self-respect, childhood, voice, joy, and power. For over ten years, I was silenced. I had no voice, and I had no power. Every memory of my childhood was plagued with disgust and hate. I was so full of negative emotions that the idea of suicide was constantly in the back of my mind. When I was sixteen, I began dealing with my past and healing. Not long after the healing began, I was sexually assaulted by two “good” friends on two separate occasions. Again, my voice and power was stolen away. This time around, it was my fault. Every “friend” I had turned their back on me and blamed me for the sexual assaults. Never in my life would I ask for these awful things, and never in my life would I wish them upon anyone else. I had to once again pick up the pieces and begin healing again. This time I chose to take back my power and take back my voice. I decided to do something with it. I had no idea where to even start or how I could take a proactive position on the battle of victim blaming and sexual assault. I did a lot of research and various workshops, events, and organizations related to sexual assault and sexual abuse came up. None caught my eye as much as Slutwalk did. To meet like-minded people with goals very much the same as mine, was an amazing feeling. It could not have come at a more perfect time. I have been blessed to be a part of something more than just a walk. It’s a movement. Fighting for rights of victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse is my calling. It’s a powerful protest against something that has affected everyone. Victim blaming. I am now proud to be an advocate for those who have had their voice taken from them. I am proud to be an advocate for this who are too afraid to speak. I am proud to be an advocate for those who feel powerless, and unable to speak out. I’ve found something that has given my life purpose. It’s given me drive, and something to fight for. I never thought I would be an advocate for sexual assault and sexual abuse victims and survivors but I am, and I am honored to give them a voice. This is my calling. This is my passion.

This is MY Slutwalk.


3 thoughts on “My SlutWalk: Sam

  1. you are very brave. thank you for sharing your story. you have no idea how many people you help strengthen because of your courage.

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