My SlutWalk: Nila

My Slutwalk starts about 15 years ago, when they told me to be in brownies, not cubs. And then girl guides and not boy scouts. My Slutwalk continued when they questioned why so many of my good friends were boys, why I was always scraped, bruised, dirty, and often bare-foot,  why I wasn’t wearing clothes that complimented my pixie face. And My Slutwalk worsened when I listened to the judgement. When I tried to Please. Later when I tried to wear makeup and buy the clothes in the stores I thought were expected of me, why I was showing so much skin. Cover up. Not pretty enough. No boobs. Too much makeup. Too much leg. Fresh Meat. Not enough leg. Nice legs. why were so many of my good friends boys? Flirt. not pretty enough to have that many guy friends. She must be sleeping with them.  Slut….. and on and on it went. I’m a teen mom, now an adult single parent. I’m a slut until proven otherwise in most eyes upon first glance. My Slutwalk is saying let me be heard without judging me first. My Slutwalk says I get to have a voice too. My Slutwalk says Fuck Your Ignorance. My Slutwalk says Fuck Your Judgement. My Slutwalk says No More Shame On Me. Shame on YOU for dismissing me before hearing me out. My Slutwalk  asks why can’t we all just get along? My Slutwalk asks why we all can’t agree rape is wrong? Why can’t we all agree that no does not mean yes? Why can’t we all agree that unconsciousness means don’t fucking touch them? Why can’t we all agree that getting super messed-up together to a point of incoherence does not mean yes? Why can’t we all agree that rape is not sexual, it’s violent? That rape is not about sexy, it’s about power? And if there were general equality there would be significantly less violent power struggles like rape? My Slutwalk says that judging someone, like calling them a SLUT, is showing you feel power-over someone. My Slutwalk is trying to explain to everyone who doesn’t understand that RAPE IS ABOUT POWER. My Slutwalk says subjectively termed ‘sluts’ are raped because their rapists feel they have power over their victim. Sluts are raped for the same reason children are raped, for  the same reason people with disabilities are raped, for the same reason visible minorities are raped, for the same reason the elderly are raped, for the same reason women are raped, because someone felt they had power-over that person. My Slutwalk says let’s change that. Let’s give the victim’s their voices back. My Slutwalk says if we stop the racism, the misogyny, the sexism, the ageism, the judgement, the hate, we stop the dominant power. If we fight the system that says rape is ok, we stop the rapists. After all, most of our rapists don’t think they did anything wrong. And after all, they’ve been told so.


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