SlutWalk Winnipeg News Release

SlutWalk Winnipeg: September 7, 2013 – an International Day of Action

The SlutWalk Winnipeg organizing team is pleased to announce details for this year’s event on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM.

The 2013 SlutWalk will be comprised of a series of sharing circles and panel-like discussions taking place at The Forks, Festival Park, in front of the Scotiabank stage.  The organizing team would like to invite the community, media, justice & medical systems, and all other interested participants to join them in dialogue about a number of topics & issues surrounding the SlutWalk initiative.

The discussions will include the following themes:

1. How can we, as individuals and as a group, tackle rape culture in our community?

2. All survivors are invited to share their own personal stories, and what SlutWalk means to them.

3. What steps are available to work with both the medical and justice systems, as well as the media to provide more robust support to survivors?

4. Should we, and how can we re-brand the “SlutWalk” name?

5. How can we work together with other important initiatives such as the Women’s Memorial March & Take Back the Night to combine resources and voices.

6. A Rape-Culture/Victim-Blaming 101 workshop discussing ‘How Men Can Make Spaces Safer and More Inviting For Women’ led by Gaz, a Counter-Violence Specialist (this and all sessions are open to everyone, irrespective of gender or identity).

With these valuable discussions, the organizing team is preparing for a panel discussion, to be hosted during the week of GenderFest. SlutWalk Winnipeg’s organizers strongly support the mandate of GenderFest as it works towards promoting and celebrating queer and gender-variant identities, while at the same time empowering local organizations, groups, and individuals to create and showcase their own uniqueness.

Background: The Winnipeg SlutWalk focuses on demonstrating the multiplicity of experiences and communities that this movement galvanizes – emphasizing the fact that there is no such thing as an “illegitimate” rape victim, all victims are real and deserve justice regardless of any choices they’ve made or lifestyles they lead. The first 2011 protest march inspired by comments made by Toronto Police officer Michael Sanguinetti has gone global. Since the first SlutWalk in Toronto the message has spread to include walks all around the world prompting this year’s “International Day of Action” where SlutWalks globally chose one single day to raise their voices in protest.

SlutWalk Winnipeg organizers encourage everyone to like the Facebook page, join the ongoing discussions, spread the word, and ultimately participate in the sharing circles. More information on event activities, speakers and further scheduling details will be updated on the Facebook page as they are confirmed. For questions or volunteer opportunities, contact:

Facebook page:

SlutWalk Website:

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2 thoughts on “SlutWalk Winnipeg News Release

  1. Slut Walk projects a negative issue even before you have a chance to explain your program
    Adopt a name that resonates with positive outlook. Perhaps “Walk With Dignity”
    I would be ready to help with your PR

    • Thanks so much for your feedback, we are definitely looking to hear some diverse voices on this topic during our discussion circle tomorrow at the event. Looking forward to continuing this conversation with you then!

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